Anyone who has not visited Lichadonisia has not tasted to the fullest the pleasures that Evia can offer. And this is not something that is mentioned in tourist guides, but a phrase repeated by those who have passed through the cluster of islands of unparalleled beauty.

Lichadonisia, or the “Seychelles of Greece”

Lichadonisia, or the “Seychelles of Greece”, is located on the north-western side of Evia, between the Maliacos and the North Evia Gulf. They consist of Monolia, Megali Strongyli, Mikri Strongyli, Steno, Voria, Limani, Vagia, and some other very small islands. These islands are the result of volcanic activity, and part of them was submerged during a great earthquake in 426 BC.

Lichadonisia is covered with wild olive trees, pine trees and bushes and was formerly inhabited mainly by fishermen. According to the demographic data of 1928, the islands had 70 inhabitants and their main source of income was fishing. Most of them left in the 1960s, and in the 1981 census there were only five people left living on the islands. In the southern part of Monolia, ruins of the old settlement are preserved today. We encourage you to walk around the island and end up there, trying to imagine the life of these people. On the same island, which is the largest of the complex, there is a beach bar and an organized beach, where you can enjoy your coffee, refreshments, juices and a wide variety of dishes.

Access is by private boats – taxi from Kavos Lihada beach or from Kamena Vourla and the trip takes only 5 – 10 minutes. To excite your imagination, we should note that the boats have visual access to the seabed, which will really impress you.

On the side of Central Greece is the wreck of a cargo ship from 1943, which is visible to the naked eye, especially on days when the sky is cloudless. Around there, if you are lucky and observant, you will see a family of harbour seals living in the waters of the area We recommend visiting Lichadonisia by boat or your own boat, as we did. This way, you will be able to “dock” for a while on the islands and give yourself the time needed to enjoy the indescribable beauty of the complex.

The ever-kind residents and professionals of the area will provide you with the necessary information so that your visit to Lichadonisia will be recorded in your memory forever.

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