If what you are looking for is wellness, mental and physical peace and relaxation, then the only choice you have is to visit the most famous spa town in Greece, the Edipsos Baths. The hot springs of the area with their healing properties attract many people from Greece and abroad and are not only one of the most important destinations in Evia, but also one of the most famous tourist resorts in Greece.

In modern times, with the intense and stressful rhythms of life, more and more people are seeking a holistic treatment of ailments and stress, incorporating spa therapy in their annual program. The Edipsos Baths are pioneers in Spa Tourism, offering visitors a combination of services and amenities that will rejuvenate them both physically and spiritually. The beneficial effects of the thermal springs have been known since antiquity. Hippocrates (460 – 375 BC) developed and spread the art of hydrotherapy. Thanks to him, an autonomous branch of therapeutic treatment was created, called Thermal Hydrotherapy, which spread all over the world.

To get to Edipsos, you have two options. The first is via Arkitsa by ferry boat and the second via Chalkida. Each of the above options has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first option you will avoid the constant winding roads – especially on the route from Chalkida to Prokopi – while in the second you will have the opportunity to experience many unique parts of Evia, as you will cross the entire northern part of the island.

he warm waters of Edipsos come from a depth of up to 2.5 km and their temperature ranges from 34 to 82 degrees Celsius. Few springs have such a great depth and such a high temperature. They are also rich in minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and sodium, among others. Among the famous people who have visited the baths are Constantine the Great, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif, Aristotle Onassis and Eleftherios Venizelos.

You can start your day with a relaxing swim in the sea of Edipsos, where the warm waters flow freely, continue with a walk admiring the buildings and hotels that maintain the aesthetics of the Belle Époque, taste delicious delicacies in one of the dozens of shops and finally, as the sun sets, have fun in one of the bars of Edipsos and the surrounding area.

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