Northern Evia is a blessed place, its land is always fertile and its seas generous to its inhabitants but also to visitors who love good food and drink. The professionals of the region, with the pure ingredients that the land generously offers them, have only one desire, to lead the friends of the island on a unique gastronomic journey.

Excellent virgin olive oil, wine and tsipouro for all palates, fish large and small, cuttlefish, squid and octopus, pies, pancakes and cheese pies with pastry or dough and local cheeses, pastries and ice creams made from figs or pistachios of the region, even aniseed, meats from local producers. All of these form the core of the cuisine of Evia. If we add to all the above the affordable prices, the smiling service from the owners and staff, and the tables that literally stand by the sea, then we have the right combination for an unforgettable holiday.

Vriniotis Winery at Gialtra

Just before the sun sets, we visit the Vriniotis Winery, a family winery in Gialtra, 14 km from Edipsos. The winery is open all year round and has tasting rooms for visitors. It has a magnificent panoramic view of the Evia Sea, the town of Edipsos, and the channel of the Oreoi, which leads to the Aegean Sea and is a favourite place for hundreds of “in the know” tourists.

The privately owned vineyard of 100 acres is spread out in Gialtra and at the foot of Mount Telethion, at the height of 200 – 450 meters. For the most demanding customers, the winery offers you the opportunity to take the special wine basket for the occasion and, accompanied by a variety of cheeses and cold meats, to sit at the bench located on the hill and enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape of Evia.

Olive-oil tasting at Rovies

Surrounded by 3500 olive trees, on one of the most beautiful vineyards, is the hostel Eleonas, a small hotel with an ecological conscience. There you will be welcomed by Ms. Marina Vallis, who will introduce you to the secrets of the olive fruit. Your breakfast will be based on the produce of Evia’s agriculture, such as various varieties of olives and olive paste, honey, eggs from the henhouse, dough bread, and pomegranate juice.

In Eleonas, as Ms. Valli says, the visitor will enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and escape the city’s daily worries. At the hotel, we met guests from various parts of Europe who, to enjoy the beauty of the place to the fullest, kept extending their stay.

Lunch at Limni and dinner at Kastri

For lunch and dinner, we will head to two favourite places, Limni and the beach at Kastri, a few kilometres from Gouves. At Limni, at the Platanos Taverna, we will enjoy delicious appetizers, seafood varieties, and cheese pies made with love and care by the hands of Ms. Efi. We will accompany our meal with a carafe of tsipouro from local vines, gazing at the canoe-kayak team of the Limni Nautical Club.

In Kastri, at the tavern Akrogiali, the Kouvelis family will serve us fish caught by Mr. Kostas and his son on the same day, such as anchovy in the pan, grilled sardines, fried cuttlefish, but also sea bream, sea bass, amberjack or dentex. Don’t forget to try the traditional cheese pie with egg and feta, freshly by Eleni. The word frozen is not in the owners’ vocabulary. Almost everything served in the shop is produced by the family. From the oil and cheese to the tomatoes and meat.

Dessert at Pefki

And after dinner, dessert. And here, too, there is a multitude of choices. You will be invited to choose from a variety of spoon sweets, loukoumi (Turkish delight) (bergamot, mastic, rose, mint, biscuit), and caramel peanuts in various flavours. And to refresh yourself, we suggest you try ice cream made of local pistachio, fig with aniseed, and loukoumi with rose.

Bon appetite!

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